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JetPack Queenstown

About JetPack Queenstown

Yes you read correctly a “Jetpack”. This Jet pack looks like it’s come straight out of a movie. Jetpack Queenstown is the first commercial Jetpack operation in New Zealand. This is one of the newest activities to hit Queenstown. The Jetpack is an amazing and unbelievable experience, not to be missed.

The Jetpack is our newest hydro flight system; instead of being attached to your feet the Jet pack is strapped on to the users back. To control the Jetpack the pilot uses hand controls, which allow the Jetpack to adjust altitude, turn, spin and dive.

Our certified instructors will take you through in depth training in our Solo Session. Don’t want to learn and just want to go on the ride of your life? Let one of our expert pilots take you in our Tandem Jetpack Session.